Spa packages in Phuket


Unwind with spa packages in Phuket

A relaxing getaway is only made better with spa packages in Phuket. When you escape to the Pullman Phuket resort you will feel carefree and relaxed from the moment you step into the lobby. The most amazing arrival awaits you at this Phuket resort. Walk up the stairs to the lobby where you will find spectacular views over the large infinity pool and the beach. As well as the best spa packages in Phuket. The ultimate retreat.

For those wanting a peaceful escape away from crowded areas, then this resort with the best spa packages in Phuket is the place to be. Pullman Phuket resort offers a secluded location. A haven where you can simply check in and chill out. Forget tourist hot spots, enjoy some well deserved ‘ME time’ with a range of spa packages in Phuket.

The best part, Dhatri Spa is only 12 minutes from the airport. Which means you can get off the plane and start enjoying one or maybe a few spa packages in Phuket within the hour.

Spa packages in Phuket

The best spa packages in Phuket


Balance your mind, body & soul. And experience a world of tranquility with these spa packages in Phuket.

Take your stay to new levels of luxury and comfort in the soothing surrounds of Dhatri Spa. This award winning spa offers a blend of sea front setting. Bringing together old Asian techniques with modern beauty therapies. After a few hours sitting by the pool, book yourself one of these spa packages in Phuket to really unwind.

Rejuvenate your body and renew your mind in a world of serenity at this leading Phuket resort and spa. A place where you will be treated to an array of renewing treatments by the sea. Ease tight muscles and release tension with a Thai massage or aromatherapy to simply relax. A number of specialised treatments including body wraps. And luxurious milk baths are also available. So you will feel well rested and on top of your game with one of these spa packages in Phuket.

The small size of Dhari Spa means you get VIP treatment from the moment you walk in the door. Every guest is different, so when you book any spa packages in Phuket, the Pullman team will ensure they focus on the areas you need most.

Spa packages in Phuket are very popular, we suggest you book your favourite treatment in advance. Or make a quick stop at the spa to book your treatment as soon as you check in. So you do not miss a spot to enjoy the best spa packages in Phuket.

Phuket Spa

Our top picks to relax


Ranging from quick massages and facial treatments to long lasting spa packages in Phuket. You will be spoilt for choice at Dhatri Spa. This boutique spa specialises in spa packages in Phuket that will leave you refreshed and feeling better than ever.

When it comes to spa packages in Phuket, we recommend the longer the better. Instead of one short treatment, why not linger longer with a range of treatments bundled. Some spa packages in Phuket offer 2-3 hours of pure indulgence, so you can make the most of it.

Below are our top 3 spa packages in Phuket you should consider:

‘The Retreat’ spa packages in Phuket


The Retreat spa packages in Phuket start with a 60 minute gentle therapeutic massage. Using ancient techniques to bring out the properties of essential oils and restore your body. As well as promote relaxation. Then, complete your treatment with a refreshing organic facial. Combining skin renewing products and a deep facial massage. This treatment releases facial tension while improving the clarity and texture of your skin and eyes.

‘Blissful’ spa packages in Phuket


This 2 hour and 30 minute package will include a detox body scrub to stimulate circulation and reduce cellulite. Followed by an application of lemongrass & yoghurt to add extra moisture to your body.

Then, a 65 minute deep tissue massage of long strokes and aromatherapy techniques will ease muscular and joint pain. Whilst it also calms and deeply relaxes you. End your treatment with a 35 minute massage with a focus on the areas we strain the most; neck, head, back and scalp. Firm strokes and aroma infused hot towels will help ease any tension build up.

One of these spa packages in Phuket is sure to restore your body to its best.

‘Purify me’ spa packages in Phuket


Cocoon your body with 2 hours and 30 minutes of pure indulgence. These spa packages in Phuket start with a 30-minute gentle therapeutic massage with essential oils. Then, relax your body and switch off your mind with an aromatic milk bath with rose petals. Next a yogurt coffee scrub will release facial tension and improve the skin texture & clarity of the skin and eyes. And to finish, wrap your body in lush tropical fruits. A fruit body wrap of grape, strawberry, guava, geranium and kiwi will energise and refresh your senses. All whilst deeply cleansing your body.

These spa packages in Phuket will definitely leave you wanting more.

Give the gift they need


Not only can you enjoy a range of spa packages in Phuket. You can also purchase a gift voucher from Dhatri Spa. Show the special people in your life how much they mean to you. Nothing compares to the gift of relaxation. That is why spa packages in Phuket are a gift worth giving.

In a busy world juggling so many different things. Taking some time for yourself may not always be top of your list. That is why booking one of these spa packages in Phuket is the best way to treat yourself.

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