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Green Meetings in Phuket


“PLANET 21 : The 21 Commitments”

Planet 21 is Accor’s sustainable development project, featuring 21 Agendas as well as the action plan. The main goal is to improving the wellbeing of present people, environment and our planet. As a Planet 21 Gold member, Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach encompasses our commitment to sustainable development from booking the room stay, restaurant service to meeting organisation. Let’s work together on green meetings in Phuket, because we know you share those same values with us.


“Lessen the impact on the environment with Green Meetings in Phuket”

From booking to room stay, restaurant service, and meeting service
⦁ Balanced dishes served in the restaurant using more vegan menu options to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from livestock.
⦁ Eco-friendly cleaning products for cleaning rooms
⦁ Faucets fitted with water flow regulators
⦁ Water efficient laundry to reduce water consumption for every wash
⦁ Recovery of rainwater for green areas and toilets
⦁ Recycling of paper and cardboard
⦁ Recycling of food waste for compost or energy
⦁ Guests have option to reuse their towels for more than one night and 50% of the laundry savings will then be used towards reforestation projects.
⦁ Utilise electronic meeting correspondence such as proposals and menus, with exceptions of legal documents that required hard copy.
To save electricity, we integrate the program onto our day to day operation by
⦁ Energy-saving light bulbs in the reception areas
⦁ Energy-saving light bulbs in the rooms
⦁ Central switch in rooms for greater comfort and energy savings


“Our Commitment to Local Community”

Local community is one of the most important pillars. We have committed to local community by
⦁ Commitment to protecting children through training on sex tourism
⦁ Local food products promoted in the restaurant
⦁ No endangered seafood to appear on our restaurant menus
⦁ Training for personnel on responsible actions toward the environment
⦁ Sustainable trade products offered in the hotel
⦁ Weekly beach cleaning

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