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Beyond the beach, dive into the deep culture and heritage when you visit Wat Chalong Phuket.

Buddhist temples are among the most important symbols of Thailand for many reasons. For one, majority of Thai people are of the Buddhist religion. And secondly because the Buddhist temples around Thailand are so beautiful. Not to mention each temple offers its own significance and special charm.


In Phuket alone, there are 29 temples spread around the island. Wat Chalong Phuket is among the most popular and visited by millions each year. If you only have time to see one temple during your stay, then Wat Chalong is the main one you should see. You will also find many smaller temples around, which are also worth a quick look.

Wat Chalong Phuket is located about 8 km south of the city centre. It is between Phuket Town and Chalong. Since it is very close to another famous site, Phuket Big Buddha. So we suggest visiting both attractions at the same time.

Wat Chalong Phuket Outside

The best part about a visit to Wat Chalong Phuket is the main temple is located in a large area. There are many other buildings, gardens and attractions in addition to the temple itself to explore. This also means visitors to the site are more spread out. People from all over the world come to pray and pay their respects to the founding monks of the temple. You will find revered monk statues throughout the buildings. There is also a Chedi with tall tower where you will find paintings on the walls celebrating the life of Buddha. Is it said that a fragment of bone from Buddha himself is at the top of the tower.

The Wat Chalong Phuket is a must on many of the local island tours. So it is very busy with locals and visitors alike. The attraction is open every day from 7am to 5pm. The ideal time to visit Wat Chalong Phuket if you want to avoid mass crowds is either before 10am or after 3pm. Generally, early or late are the best times. However, like many popular attractions crowds are expected.

Wat Chalong Phuket Design


All visitors are welcome to go inside Wat Chalong Phuket and explore. However there are a few do’s and don’ts to remember:

– You will need to remove your shoes and leave them outside the entrance of the temple. So, it is wise not to wear your favourite shoes. Just in case someone accidentally takes the wrong one.

– Also, ensure you are not wearing shorts or skirts too short. Ladies be mindful to cover your shoulders, chest, belly and legs when you enter the Wat Chalong Phuket temple.

– To respect this sacred attraction, you should speak in soft quiet tones when you are inside the temple. And, do not touch any of the Buddhist statues or artifacts.

– Entry is free, so enjoy spending some time walking through the landscaped gardens as well.

After you have visited the main Wat Chalong Phuket temple, take some time to enjoy a snack or beverage on the grass areas around. The grand design of the Wat Chalong Phuket is stunning and can be enjoyed from all angles. Make sure you walk around the building and capture its regal design from all sides.

Wat Chalong Phuket is a scenic 1 hour drive from the Pullman Phuket Arcadia Resort. The team at this Phuket resort can help arrange a car transfer service to Wat Chalong Phuket to make your journey easy. A drive along the coastline means you can view many of the other stunning Phuket beaches along the way.


When visiting Wat Chalong Phuket temple, we recommend you also visit the Big Buddha Phuket at the same time. As the two popular tourist sites are located very close to each other. If you leave the Pullman Phuket resort area, then you may as well see a few other sites as well.

To make a day of it and visit a few attractions around the island, then the ‘Discover Phuket Tour‘ hosted by Pullman Phuket resort is the best option for you. This fantastic tour is available every Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 9pm. And comes with an Activity Host to look after you and explain each attraction as you go. Including Wat Chalong Phuket.

This all in one, Discover Phuket Tour starts with a visit to Wat Chalong Phuket. Then, drive up the mountain to the monumental Big Buddha. Another must see attraction during your visit. From there you will make a stop at one of the most popular lookout points, Promtep cape. The stunning sceneries of Phuket are best seen from high viewpoints to capture the sea, sky and lush green landscapes. Just breathtaking. And lastly, a local tour is not complete without a visit to a street market. When you take the tour on a Saturday you have a choice to visit the Naka Night Market. Or on a Sunday stroll through the Walking Street Market. Also known as Lard Yai market to locals. The most famous night market in Phuket Town.

Wat Chalong Phuket offers a cultural allure, many people do not explore when visiting Phuket. The Wat Chalong Phuket temple is a must see tribute to the Buddhist faith.

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