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Artist Playground 4 "ILLUSION"


Continuing the Pullman brand’s cultural initiative for contemporary art and design, Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach unveils its 4th Artist Playground “ILLUSION”. This latest Artist Playground by Pullman showcases a unique exhibition in collaboration with local Phuket-based photographer Adriano Trapani from December 2019.

This is the first mixed media exhibition stimulating a creative and inspiring vibe to the guests as well as all art-lovers from around the world.

An Italian expat, Adriano, has been living in Phuket as a photographer for over a decade, contributing to Femme Rebelle, a magazine showcasing the best in alternate fashion photography from the UK and abroad. To locals he is known as the “Underwater Paparazzi”, this nickname derives from his past as a professional underwater photographer. Adriano learnt and practiced the art of photography the hard way, given there was always an additional element (water) that would multiply variables, equipment requirements and knowledge.



Now spending much more time above water, it allows him the freedom to express his creativity and the beauty of photography with its endless possibilities & techniques without constraints. One of his signature collections, Projection on Skin, was initiated in 2016 with a combination of patterns, light, shadow, photography, illustration with over 100 unique images in the portfolio are the foundation for this exhibition. And it is this signature collection that takes centre stage at the latest Artist Playground by Pullman Phuket resort.

“When I first saw Adriano’s art, whilst striking, took me a while to realize what he was using as the backdrop. One particular pattern actually matched very well with our Pullman logo which may have been a sign we had to work together. I am very excited to introduce our 4th Artist Playground which display a relaxed yet meticulous detailed approach to something as simple as the human body.” said Brett Wilson, General Manager of Pullman Phuket Arcadia.

The Artist playground by Pullman called “ILLUSION” is a multimedia exhibition by Phuket-based, Italian Photographer Mr. Adriano Trapani.

This exciting new Artist Playground by Pullman launch night will be held in early 2020 giving guests and local Phuketians alike the chance to experience this unique art form at Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach.

More than just an exhibition, if you connect with any of the pieces displayed you are welcome to make a purchase to add to your personal art collection.

Should you require more details or information you can contact the hotel at h7488@accor.com.


Artist Playground by Pullman



Artist Playground by Pullman, a true and dedicated art space installed in different parts of Pullman hotels, enables local artists, photographers, painters and designers to exhibit and showcase their works to guests, visitors and locals alike. Through interactive elements such as live performances and workshops, visitors have the opportunity to connect with the art experience in an interesting and meaningful way. Contemporary art becomes a connecting thread that links artists and guests from far and wide. Thought-provoking and original, these exhibitions allow travellers and visitors to immerse themselves in each artist’s cultural environment. Constantly seeking out new ways to embody the imaginative and energized tempo of the 21st century, Pullman displays its commitment to the cultural diaspora by promoting the accessibility of art and the prism of each talented creator in its Artist Playgrounds. No longer places in which to merely eat and sleep, each Pullman is a stimulating, creative and inspiring environment.


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