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Your holiday starts here… Welcome to Paradise. For so many years, Phuket has been known as one of the best island getaways in the world. With crystal clear water, palm trees and many beautiful beaches. Here is the quick Phuket arrival guide to Phuket for you to make the most out of your time here in paradise!

“Currency Exchange”

If you are looking for a place to exchange your money to Thai bath. There is a currency exchange location available at Phuket International Airport. However, there are many currency exchange counters around the island, mostly in the city and major shopping malls. It is required to present your passport in Thailand in order to exchange money. Currency exchange is also available at Pullman Phuket Arcadia.

“Getting Around”

Getting around in Phuket from this Phuket resort is easy. There are taxis and tuk-tuks available and can be arranged for you anytime. The shuttle bus service from Pullman Phuket to Naithon Beach takes you to nearby shops and pharmacy  is also available free of charge. If you wish to travel around the island, this Phuket resort also offers shuttle service to Patong beach.

“Convenience Stores”

The internationally well-known convenience stores 7 / 11 stores  are located throughout Phuket City. “Super Cheap” is also a local convenient store brand where you can get a variety of amenities and specific items on sales. There are convenience stores and pharmacy within the walking distance from this Phuket resort. A free shuttle service to convenience stores is also available.


If you wish to withdraw your money from Foreign ATM Cards, there are many local ATMs throughout Phuket. However, there are some certain fees applied. To avoid such fees, it is recommenced to check with your bank if there is any affiliate banks located in Phuket for your ATM cards.

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