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Cafes in Phuket you must visit!

  When in Phuket, these Cafes in Phuket that are the perfect place to grab a coffee and a light snack. So, whether you want a good cup of coffee or unique places to take pictures, this list has it all.

Campus Coffee Roaster is one of the most well-known cafes in Phuket

If you’re searching for great Cafes in Phuket to have some amazing coffee, look no further than Campus Coffee Roaster. Having been the 4th runner-up of the International Coffee Roast Master Thailand in 2019, their coffee is well-known in Phuket. Also, alongside their specialty coffee, their coffee beans – which have been roasted in-house are also up for grabs. Pair your drink with quick and easy eats. And delight in sandwiches, wraps, desserts, and locally made snacks. The minimal interior with wooden tables, chairs, and exposed brick make up the perfect relaxing atmosphere. Additionally, it is the ideal place for some aesthetic pictures.  

Refresh Tropical Cafe

Refresh Tropical Cafe offers a stunning and earthy environment to have your afternoon coffee. With lots of greenery, wooden textures, and straw basket decor, you will be transported to a tropical heaven. Cool off from the Phuket sun and find comfort in the shade provided by large trees. Or lower your legs into the shallow pool for some relief. Healthy options ranging from salads to smoothie bowls are available. Alternatively, munch on some delightful baked goods.   What to make the most out of your experience here? Opt for the Refresh Floating Set and enjoy eating and drinking from a floating basket!  

The Tent Phuket

The Tent Phuket boasts a charming setting for some more caffeine and a hearty meal. Also popular amongst locals. In addition to the unique tents, this Cafe in Phuket is known for great drinks and a delicious menu. Grab a table with a tent to take pictures unlike any other while enjoying the all-day brunch menu. With a variety of vegetarian options, everyone can indulge in some good food.  

Bookhemian 2521 is one of the cafes in Phuket you must visit

No list of Cafes in Phuket is complete without Bookhemian 2521. Located in the oldest part of Phuket Town, Bookhemian is the ultimate dream for booklovers. The relaxed and quiet atmosphere provides a cozy environment for snuggling up with a drink and a book. In addition to the gourmet coffee, tea, bakeries, and cakes, this Cafe in Phuket also sells second-hand books! And showcases local and international artists. Don’t forget to try the signature craft sodas and homemade gelato at this quirky cafe!  

Feelsion Cafe Phuket

For a unique experience, Feelsion Cafe Phuket is the place to be. This well-themed industrial steampunk Cafe in Phuket serves up classic Thai cuisine and great coffee and drinks. And a wide range of dessert menu items The quirky cafe is full of vintage items. Always something interesting to look at and stunning from every angle. Get inspired by the creative atmosphere and enjoy the one-of-a-kind environment.  

Thalang #31 is one of the most iconic cafes in Phuket

Located in Old Town Phuket, Thalang #31 is one of the most iconics Cafes in Phuket. Converted from a Chinese-style pharmacy, this cafe has a lot of history. But now, Thalang #31 is now known for its choice of coffees, tea, and fruit smoothies and juices. And, their craft beers, mojitos, and other cocktails are sure to freshen up your day. Their signature menu transforms the famous Phuket pineapple into cold pressed juice. According to Thalang #31, no visit is complete with trying it out!  

Ma Doo Bua

Ma Doo Bua is probably one of the most well-known Cafes in Phuket and a must-see for many people. Located just 20 minutes from Pullman Phuket, this famous cafe offers more than just food and drinks. The bright red wooden Thai houses, giant green water lilies and the blue sky sure make for a stunning view. Make your pictures stand out. Opt for a professional drone shot of you and our loved ones lying on a boat amidst the lotus pond. Or take gravity-defying photos by standing on a water lily. Additionally, the creative drinks are truly unlike any other. Try the Tom Yum Soda and the Foi Thong Ice Thai Milk Tea.  


Endless Summer Cafe is the perfect combination between a cafe and a fashion boutique. Though it may look small from the outside, looks can sometimes be deceiving. So, get lost in the massive Bohemian store and sip on some coffee while admiring the beauty of the place. The boutique boasts many gorgeous items on display (and sale) and a wide variety of homemade dishes. A delightful selection of waffles, quiche, salads, crepes, and more.  

Delico Decoration Coffee & Restaurant

Delico Decoration Coffee & Restaurant is ideal for those who like interior design. The dark blue interior, greenery and wooden texture gives a vintage elegance. A charming place to have a fresh cup of coffee and some fragrant fruit tea. Or have a light meal.  Delight in the warm ambience with an extensive choice of tasty cakes and desserts. And elevate your social media posts with aesthetic pictures of this stylish cafe near Phuket Town.
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