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JUNKYARD THEATRE: Creativity Blends with Sustainability and Entertainment

Discovering the Enigmatic Junkyard Theatre in Phuket: Where Creativity Blends with Sustainability and Entertainment

In the heart of the vibrant island of Phuket, a captivating gem beckons to those seeking a unique and innovative entertainment experience. The Junkyard Theatre, nestled at the crossroads of East and West, unfolds as a mesmerizing fusion of cultures, creating an unforgettable blend of entertainment and sustainability.


A Theatrical Extravaganza:

The Junkyard Theatre offers a theatrical experience like no other, shattering the boundaries of convention. Guests are transported into a realm of whimsical musical performances, meticulously designed sets, and captivating dinner cabaret-style acts. It’s a performance that transcends borders and kindles the imagination, leaving visitors enchanted by its creative brilliance.


Sustainability at Its Core:

Central to The Junkyard Theatre’s allure is its unwavering commitment to sustainability. Here, the stage serves as a canvas for creative reinvention, where discarded objects are reborn as stunning works of art. From stage curtains ingeniously woven from recycled hotel room drapes to the construction of elaborate theatrical sets and custom kinetic props, every element reflects the passion for crafting unique and exhilarating performances, all while championing the cause of sustainability.



A Culinary Adventure:

No visit to The Junkyard Theatre is complete without indulging in a culinary adventure. The venue tantalizes the palate with Contemporary Thai flavors infused with a distinct Junkyard twist. Featuring locally sourced, seasonal menus that promise delightful surprises and playful presentations, the dining experience is seamlessly integrated into the entertainment, resulting in an enchanting evening of food, wine, and performance.


Behind the Curtain:

The masterminds behind The Junkyard Theatre are the creative geniuses at the Underwood Art Factory. Led by the visionary father-and-son design duo, John and Zac Underwood, their mission was to create a creative platform that celebrates individuality and draws inspiration from the diverse cultural landscape of Phuket. With a reputation for excellence in the luxury resort industry and esteemed collaborations with renowned designers such as Bill Bensley, the Underwood Art Factory brings an unmatched level of detail and expertise to every facet of The Junkyard Theatre.


‘A Night at the Junkyard’:

For those seeking some grown up entertainment (ages 16+), ‘A Night at the Junkyard’ beckons. This unique dinner cabaret experience features an eclectic collection of whimsical musical numbers, exquisitely designed sets, and comedic dinner cabaret-style acts inspired by both Thai and expatriate experiences. A carefully curated F&B experience awaits, showcasing the Junkyard 3-course menu served throughout the performance. It’s a night filled with laughter, enchantment, and a merging of sustainability, creativity, and entertainment.


Plan your visit to The Junkyard Theatre, where each performance is a testament to the art of innovation and the enchantment of Phuket’s cultural tapestry. To learn more and book your experience, visit The Junkyard Theatre’s official website.



The Junkyard Theatre in Phuket emerges as an extraordinary destination where entertainment, culture, and sustainability beautifully intertwine to create an experience unlike any other.

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