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“Songkran Festival At Pullman”

Discover our Thai New Year celebrations. Cool off and refresh with a variety of Songkran activities and entertainment tailor-designed for you.



Let’s beat the heat this Songkran festival at the Phuket resort with Songkran festival at Pullman Phuket. If you are looking Songkran Party in Phuket, this Phuket resort is the best place to check in and chill out! Located on one of the Phuket’s pristine beaches – Naithon beach, this Phuket resort is the jungle-clad cliff overlooking a panoramic view of Naithon Beach. The infinity pool overlooking the crystal clear water of Andaman sea will take your breath away from the first minute you arrival at Songkran Party in Phuket.

“Celebrate Songkran Party in Phuket  like no others only at this Phuket Resort”

This paradise on earth awaits you this Songkran holiday. The prime beachfront location, an inspire venue, spacious infinity pool is simply the ultimate Songkran Party in Phuket at its best! Time to relax and let yourself go either with friends, family or a significant other. This Phuket resort will be truly worth a visit this Summer.

“An Ultimate Venue for Songkran Party in Phuket”

The infinity pool at this Phuket resort leave an unsurpassed first impression. This Phuket resort will be the most stylish venue for Songkran Party in Phuket at its best. The state of the art sound system will ensure a party will continue till the last guest leaves. The picture perfect infinity pool at this Phuket resort feature beach loungers and poolside day beds. Guarantee a maximum ecstasy.

“A Lot More Than Just Songkran Party in Phuket

This Phuket resort offers a lot more than just natural and beautiful surrounding. Experience the five star service standards and probably the best in the island. Every guest will be provided with individual service. An individual importance for each and every guest is the first priority. Led by Executive Chef Gabrifl Le Roux, delicious foods and perfect mixed drinks are guaranteed. The menu is crafted to perfection for all appetite. Simply follow your appetite. Sit back, relax and enjoy the five star service standard at Songkran party in Phuket.

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