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Wondering why Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach is the best Phuket resort in Thailand? Phuket Island offers a wide variety of hotels and resorts and a large number of beaches. But Pullman Phuket Arcadia stands out from the rest. Read more to find out why. 


Phuket,Thailand’s biggest island, has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for many years. It is a must-see or bucket list item for many. The island is famous and loved for its amazing beaches and many other aspects. The ideal place for a well-deserved beach escape. Some guests even make it an annual trip. Directly facing the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea, Phuket boasts great views and a constant warmth. Additionally, the large number of smaller islands that encircle the main island are a big bonus. Island-hopping in Phuket has thus become a popular activity. 

These are just a few reasons why Phuket is one of the best beach attractions in South-East Asia. Annually, Phuket has over eight million visitors from all over the world. An idyllic place for people to escape the winter season in their hometowns. And to experience the remarkable local culture and astounding food. Therefore, there are many different Phuket resorts to pick from. 

Secluded luxurious getaway

However, if you are looking for a secluded luxurious getaway, look no further than the award-winning Pullman Phuket Arcadia. The best Phuket resort in Thailand. Named “Best of the Best” by Tripadvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Award in 2022. Our team truly goes above and beyond in order to provide you with the ultimate 5-star experience like no other. 

Additionally, as winners of the 2022 Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards in four categories, Pullman Phuket is a dream destination. Having received “Best Resort Service in Asia” and “Best Lifestyle Hotel in Thailand”, expect nothing less than the finest hospitality from our team. Therefore, this dream destination resort offers more than luxury facilities and a stunning view. Having been awarded “Best Destination Wedding Retreat in Asia” and “Best Destination Wedding Hotel in Thailand” guarantees a magical experience. A beautiful place to tie the knot on your special day.

Relish in having direct access to Naithon Beach, one of the best beaches in Phuket. A private and secluded beach located away from the crowd. An exquisite place to rest and relax in exclusivity. And you can also sip and savor in style at one of the restaurants and bars. All with uninterrupted views of the sparkling Andaman Sea.


Each Phuket resort offers its own unique style. So, it can be difficult to choose a resort to book when there are a variety of options. Therefore, how do you know which is the best Phuket resort in Thailand for you?

The ideal beach getaway is one that offers luxury and relaxation. Because of this, there is no better place for an island escape than Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach. Overlooking the Andaman Sea, this Phuket resort offers more than the best views of the turquoise waters of the sea. A private place to take a break. An untouched corner of Phuket island exclusive to you. With breathtaking views and award-winning service. And a time to simply unwind.

Elevate your stay at Pullman Phuket with our luxury pool villas. Relish in having your very own private infinity pool wrapped in blue sea views. Make your stay absolutely unforgettable. Also, have the best breakfast in paradise in your own pool with our Villa Floating Breakfast. Exclusive for our villa guests.

If you are looking for the best Phuket resort in Thailand, it is here at Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach. An award-winning hotel, known as one of the most stunning Phuket resorts. Located less than 15 minutes away from the airport, your stay in paradise starts sooner and lasts longer.


It is obvious why Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach is deemed the best Phuket resort in Thailand by many. In addition to having an uninterrupted panoramic view of the ocean vista, the resort is surrounded by nature. The soothing natural scenery and lush greenery are perfect for relaxation. Soak up the warm Phuket sun and calming sea breeze. Pullman Phuket is immersed in the Sirinat National Park. A local treasure. And, as well as the great service and facilitates, embrace the local flora and fauna of the tropical island. A stark and hypnotizing contrast between the vivid blue of the sea and the lush greens of the forest. The ultimate place to check-in and chill-out.

Take a stroll through this gorgeous resort and discover charming sites. Explore the resort garden with fresh herbs and produce. Delight in finding the best places to view the Phuket sunset. Or let yourself be captivated by the sight of our numerous waterfalls. Wrapped in nature, this Phuket resort boasts more than man-made luxuries. So lose yourself in this picturesque resort surrounded by the wonders of nature.



Seen the rest and now you want the best? You can book this amazing Phuket resort in Thailand directly through the website. Simply select the room type and then enter your stay dates. (Hint! The longer you stay and the earlier you book, the more you save!)

If you are an Accor member you can earn points and enjoy extra benefits. Like free breakfast, late check-out and more based on your level.

Here at Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach, our world is your playground.


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